Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Chronicals of Alli: Voyage of the Drunk Driver

It was 3:14 A.M and I was, of course, completely trashed, and I needed somewhere to go. Going home wasn’t an option, because my drug addict, emotionally abusive, failure-as-a-mom was there, and I avoided her whenever possible. It’s not like she would care that I was drunk, I just didn’t want to see her. I couldn’t stay where I was, because there was some sketchy guys everywhere and I honestly wasn’t up for getting raped, so that left me one choice.. Brack’s house. If I was in my right-mind I would know to NEVER go to Brack’s while drunk, because he would in fact, murder me, but I was drunk, and convinced myself that he would never know I was drunk, so problem solved… NOT.
Grabbing my purse, I fumbled around for my keys, and starting giving myself a pep-talk. It wasn’t the first time I’d driven while intoxicated (Not that Brack knew about those times), but still the risk of getting pulled-over, getting a huge fine, going to jail, or worse, Brack finding out, was HUGE. I knew I could make it to Brack’s no problem, it was only about a 5 minute drive, and the speed limit was 35, piece of cake… hopefully.
Starting my car off, and pulling away from the curb, I realized just how drunk I really was, but I had to get to Brack’s even if he was going to kill me. I would be safe there. After cruising along for a few minutes, I saw Brack’s red brick house, and felt a wave of relief. I pulled my Nissan up next to his truck, and got out of my car, again, I realized just how drunk I was, because gravity took over from there, and I hit the ground hard, knocking flower pots, and a lawn chair over. Everything must have crashed against the ground louder than I thought because the next thing I knew Brack was running out the side door with a baseball bat, until he realized it was just me.
‘Alli, what in the world are you doing?’ He sounded relieved, but confused too see me.
‘My mom is at home, I couldn’t go there.’ I stuttered on my words, and I could tell he knew I had been drinking.
‘You’re drunk aren’t you?’ Now he was sounding extremely angry with me.
‘I’m not drunk, I didn’t drink that much.’ I’m an idiot, he could obviously tell I was wasted, and the fact that I tried to walk towards him, and fell over again, probably just proved my point. Of course Brack caught me, and said:
‘Yep, you’re not drunk at all, You’re completely wasted, and you drove here.. Words can’t even explain how angry I am right now.’ He sounded a little more than angry, more like furious.
‘I’m sorry, Brack, I won’t do it ever again.’ I decided to start pleading for mercy now.. Not like It would do any good.
‘Let’s just go to bed.’ He sounded like he was trying so hard not to yell at me. He helped me walk to his room, where he tucked me into one side of the bed, and he go into the other side. The last thing I remember him saying before I passed completely out:
‘You’re in SO much trouble.’ Yikes.
I felt like somebody had ran over me with a bulldozer when I woke up the next morning, err afternoon. My head was pounding, I had cuts & a couple of bruises, and my stomach told me I better not eat or I was going to throw up. I sat up in Brack’s bed, & saw that it was 1:15 in the afternoon, and Brack walked in.
‘How ya feeling?’ He honestly didn’t sound like he cared what I felt like, he was obviously still pissed at me.
‘Like a bulldozer hit me.’ Even speaking hurt.
‘I imagine so, you were so drunk last night, honestly Alli, how many times do we have to do this?’ Oh no, I could sense a lecture coming on.
‘Do what?’ I knew exactly what he was talking about, I was just stalling.
‘You know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m sick of having this talk about drinking with you.’ ‘talking’ yeah, because that’s what we do.
‘&obviously I’m not getting through to you, because this time you decided to drink & then drive!’ Brack was getting really mad now, but who could blame him? Sure as hell not me.
‘I didn’t have another choice!! If I stayed I was going to get raped, Brack!’ I honestly had no right to start yelling at him.
‘Alli, don’t yell. You always have another choice, you could’ve CALLED me, I would’ve came, and picked you up, I would never leave you in a bad situation, and you know that.’ I was starting to feel extremely guilty.
‘Brack, I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you would come get me.’ I wanted so badly to start crying.
He said nothing more, just motioned for me to follow him downstairs to the living room, I followed him, and a huge knot started forming in my stomach.
He walked straight for the couch, where he sat down & looked me deep in the eyes.
‘Alli, I’m going to make sure this is the last time we have this conversation, I’m going to get through to once & for all. So pull down your shorts, & get over my lap.’ My heart stopped beating once he at least sealed my fate.
I honestly wanted to resist, but I knew I deserved a spanking, even though I didn’t want one at all, so I just did as I was told.
‘Good girl.’ He was surprised that I didn’t fight with him, because I always resist or whine.
My stomach dropped when he grabbed the waist-band of my underwear, and slid them down.
‘No, Brack, please keep them up.’ I began whining.
‘Yes Alli, this is what I have to do to get through to you, so I’m doing it.’ He was right.
All of sudden he slapped his hand down hard, and began raining down fury on me. I honestly didn’t know he could spank so hard, & I could tell he was using all of his might. I was fighting the urge to put my hand back, and block the smacks, but the pain kept getting worse, and my reflexes finally won, and I reached my hand back only to have it swatted away:
‘No, ma’am, you know better than to reach back.’ I put my hand back down, even though I knew I would be reaching back in a few moments, because sometimes you just can’t control your reflexes.
He spanked the hell out of me for another few minutes before my reflexes out-witted me again, only this time he captured my wrist, pinned it to my back, & smacked the back of my thigh extra hard:
‘Don’t reach back again, young lady.’ I hated when he called me ‘Young Lady’ It made me feel so little.
After another 5 minutes or so, I finally started crying, up until this point I had been ‘Dry’ crying. But, now I was starting to freely cry because the spanking hurt, but also because I hurt & disappointed the most important person in my life.
He stopped spanking me, and lifted me up, I immediately reached back to rub the fire out but caught my hands:
‘No Alli, we’re not done.. Lean over the arm of the couch.’ After that he started to take his belt off, which caused me to panic, I started backing away, shaking my head, and stuttering words nobody would understand. Reaching out, and grabbing my arm he said:
‘Alli, You can’t honestly say you don’t deserve this? Can you? You know you mean EVERYTHING to me, but what you did was STUPID & RECKLESS, you could have easily killed yourself or somebody else, I won’t have you drinking & driving ever again, in fact, you won’t be drinking anymore, at all. I will not tolerate it anymore.. Understand?’
‘Yes, Brack, I’m sorry..’ I honestly didn’t have it in me to fight with him, I felt so horrible at this point, that I just wanted to hurry up & get it over with.
‘Alli, bend over the couch, you’re only getting 12 with the belt, &then it will all be over.’ Only 12 huh? Doesn’t sound like a lot when you’re not the one getting spanked. I just did as I was told, and braced myself for the first blow.. &Boy did it surprise me. It hurt a lot more than I remember, & I jumped up a little bit, but Brack just pushed me back into position.
He delivered another 4, when I hit my breaking point. There I was a 16 year old sobbing wreck, getting spanked by her best friend. He delivered the next 7 as quickly as he could because he wanted this to be over as badly as I did. But, I was such an emotional mess, I didn’t even realize he was finished until I was falling into his arms.
‘Allison Faith Ackerd, I honestly hope you know how much I love you, and how much you mean to me, you’re not just my best friend but you are like my baby sister. It would kill me if anything ever happened to you because you made a made choice, I don’t enjoy spanking you at all, but I will not hesitate to spank you again if I have to but, please Alli, don’t make me.’ I could tell he was either crying himself, or was very close to tears.
‘I’m so sorry Brack, please don’t give up on me, I’ll try harder I promise, I love you, you are my big brother, & my best friend.’ He truly was my brother, and the only person in the world who had any love for me. Yet, I still managed to disappoint him so often.
We didn’t say anything after that just stayed hugging for  the longest time, I was one lucky girl to have such an amazing best friend, excuse me, big brother.

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